New Year on magical Ibiza

29.12.2017 – 1.1.2018

Come and Celebrate with us!

Mini Coaching

We start at six p.m. in my apartment (see map) with a welcome snack. Time to know each other and find out about your wishes and your needs for 2017. A mini coaching will help to align your dream with the first steps into a New Near.

Quality time for you

Take your time in the morning and check out your needs. Listen to the sound of the sea in front of your window and slip back into your bed … take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Passion Café on the promenade or discover the hippy shops of Santa Eulalia. You can reach everything within walking distance.

New Years Eve

We will cook and enjoy together. Time to connect in a cosy space. For those who like to dance, there are enough bars with life music on the promenade.

29.12. 2017 – 1.1.2018

You don’t want to celebrate New Year all alone? Join us during 4 days on magical Ibiza island. The beaches are empty, temperatures are mild. The best time to relax and enjoy sweet Dezember sunlight. Allow yourself an amazing timeout for your body, heart and soul. Recharge your energy system, feel your aliveness and enjoy quality time. In this period of the year the island is a source of silence and peace – start your powerful 2017 in this wonderful place with us.

Hiking with breathtaking views

Let’s explore the island walking along the shore and visiting high energy places with a special guide from the island. Time to be, time to let go and reconnect with your soul. Enjoy the magic of Ibiza’s wild beauty. We will picknick on the beach or have dinner in a restaurant depending on the weather.


4 days Ibiza CHF 560/ € 500

  • Welcome snack
  • Mini Coaching
  • Brain Gym energy training
  • Rental car for the group
  • Hiking tour with guide

Not included:

  • Flight
  • Airport transfer
  • Housing

Time to connect

We will pass the afternoons together, visiting magical places on the island. These secret spots are reserved to insiders and not on tourist agendas. We will meet people living on Ibiza, have time to connect and enjoy. The setting and timing depends on the weather and requires a certain flexibility. We will spend 3-4 hours of quality time outdoors with the group and be on the road by rental car. In the evening we will have picknick on the beach or enjoy dinner in a restaurant, depending on the trip.

Surprise day

Our last day will be left to surprise. As it is the first day of 2017 we will welcome and celebrate it depending on the groups energy and wishes. You will have enough time to relax in the morning. Be ready for a surprising afternoon with amazing people.

“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

Doris Day


Kinesiology & Smart Life Training

Kathleen De Siena


Kathleen De Siena

Santa Eulalia del Rio – Ibiza/Islas Baleares

Switzerland   + 41 44 734 19 26

Ibiza   +34 630 428 963