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Kinesiology & Smart Life Training

Feeling alive, self empowered and appreciated. Powerfully connected with yourself – vibrating with joy and togetherness. Living in a state and environment that is nurturing, creating energy and radiating your excitement. This is New Smart Living. Once you have experienced this authentic being, in complete harmony with your true nature, 

you will memorize it as the new guideline. I am your guide. Supporting you to establish this new identity in your daily routine, permanently – expanding your inner freedom, your self empowerment and your aliveness. Your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your heart and your soul will be harmonized, nurtured and appreciated.

“Plan to be ecstatic! Design your life so it always keeps you happy. Build in rewards and surprises.”

Martin Sage

Kathleen De Siena

Kathleen De Siena

Hi, my name is Kathleen. I am your guide for Smart New Living. Do you want to experience your true nature and find out what you really want? Get ready for the unknown and call me now.

+41 44 734 19 26

I can’t wait to meet you in person.


Training & Integration @home

Together we will find your wishes and your needs. What do you really want? Where is your resistance holding you back? Kinesiology, body work and communication training for your inner balance. Personally in my office, over Skype or phone. From your office or @home.

VIP Personal Training

You will be the center of attention and enjoy being THE VIP. You will get out of your comfort zone. Your dreams will come true and your needs satisfied. You will follow instructions and get feedback. Exclusive and intense. 3/5/7 days Switzerland or Ibiza. We train you in powerful high energy places.

Outdoor Training

Discover new places, jump into the unknown. Being connected with nurturing people, animals and nature. Time for motivation and new impulses. Timeout for your soul. Movement and surprise. We train you in powerful, high energy places of Switzerland or on Ibiza.

VIP Group – Team Spirit

Training in small groups of 3-12 people, you being the VIP person. You are the center of attention within the powerful team dynamics. Empower yourself – empower your team members. Exclusive and intense. 3/5/7 days Switzerland or Ibiza. We train you in powerful, high energy places.

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Do you like intensity and excitement?

Take VIP Personal Training or

VIP Team Training.

Your smartest experience ever!

What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology means the study of human body movement. A holistic method that releases the muscles and supports the energy flow in your body, using kinesiological muscle checking. When your energy is stuck you will feel tension, pain or illness. Muscle checking is a body feedback revealing the origin of your tension or pain. Your self-healing system will be activated by special reflex massage points, acupressure and the meridian system. Once your energy flow is regulated you will feel relaxed and symptoms can disappear. Vitality, joy and motivation will be other benefits of the treatment. Kinesiology can be applied in sports, at school, in relationship or business. Swiss health insurance will mostly accept Kinesiology as an official therapy.
Stress release and balance
Your body is continuously trying to keep balance. From a kinesiological point of view stress means disbalance. Your body is sending out signals of disturbance. Thanks to kinesiological muscle checks we can find and understand the origin of your tension or pain. Habits form brain patterns creating a sense of security and trust. When you step into the unknown, your subconscious will go to a state of fear and danger. You will have a sense of resistance, anger or insecurity. Your brain will be in fight or flight mode, a natural stress reaction. Your ability to think and act will be reduced, adrenalin will overflow your system. Thanks to kinesiological stress release your self-confidence will come back as soon as your body gets the all-clear signal. Your system will accept the change  and your ability to think, feel and act will be integrated. Regular training will help you to replace bad habits by healthy ones.
When do I need Kinesiology?
  • Reorientation in business or private life
  • Communication in your relationship, family or business
  • Pain in your back, knies or neck
  • Headake, migraine
  • Balance of the immune system and organs
  • Stress release after accidents
  • Hyper sensitivity
  • Disturbance of fear or panic
  • Kids fears and social problems
  • Stress release with examinations
  • Learning disorders and motivation
  • Depression – Aggression
  • Burnout – Ressources & stress management
  • Mobbing – Strategies that work
Kinesiology and Kids
Kids are wonderful mirrors and sense any kind of vibration in the air. They are open, receptive and express what is unconscious or unspoken. They are very grateful for the clear feedback of their body because they have this natural understanding of body language. Kids need acceptance, trust and appreciation so they will be open to change and forget about their fears. As they are part of the family system I usually invite parents and brother/sister to join us in the session. Very often there are miraculous changes as soon as the right person in the system is relaxed and happy.
VIP Training Intense
If you are on a turning point or plan to make a bigger change in your life, this exclusive and intense personal training is just for you! You will get a completely new experience of who you really are, of who you always wanted to be and never dared. Find out what makes you unique, alive and self empowered. What holds you back and what lights up your life, generating excitement and joy. Let’s pass a dangerous suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps, meet sweet Alpakas and train leadership or dive into the turquoise water of Formentera island. Be the star in front of the camera and get used to express yourself and feel at ease with a big audience. It’s about living a new experience, getting you out of the comfort zone. This will open the door for curiosity, excitement and aliveness. Deep listening to your body’s feedback, appreciation, relaxation and action will transform your life. Surprise will invite you into the field of the unknown and bring out the best in you. You will not be the same person after this experience.
VIP Team Building
You will be the center of your team’s attention at first, get feedback about the vibration you send out in the group. Then we will change the roles so everybody can get this kind of feedback and learn how to “read” the body. This training is made for you and your business team or family. Any system is a team with a subtle game that’s mostly unconscious. Cooperation, feedback, connection, leading and yielding are great tools we will experience together. Your team will be alive and effective, everybody will be a winner. It will be a great change of vibration when everybody is seen, appreciated and vibrating with excitement. The training will take place in Switzerland or Ibiza, in beautiful high energy places. Make a choice, set up your VIP team training – you will never forget about this wonderful experience.
First Contact – Prices

If you are traveling, living in another country or you want to be trained @home/your office, I will train you over Skype or phone. You are not sure about the training that works for you? Please take the chance and arrange an appointment on the phone (20 minutes) for free. I’m sure we will find the best training for your needs.

+ 41 44 734 19 26 / + 41 76 588 50 56

Get a session of 60 minutes for CHF 140 / € 120.00*

*Price in Euros exkl. value added taxe Get a package of 5/10 sessions with price reduction. Prices of VIP and team trainings depend on the number of participants, season and time.

Bank Transfer: Kathleen De Siena – Widen – Postfinance AG – Mingerstrasse 20 – 3030 Bern


IBAN CH34 0900 0000 8715 9177 3  (CHF)

IBAN CH74 0900 0000 9188 9203 6  (Euro)

New Year Celebration on Ibiza

29.12.2016 – 1.1.2017

“Follow your aliveness. Let your vitality be your guide.”

Martin Sage

The intelligent way of financing your dream

Do you have a dream or an exciting project? Do you feel the need to have more quality time, sharing adventures with your family or friends. Here is how your dream will come true.

„Das VIP Training auf Ibiza ist genial! Ich fühle mich wie neu geboren. Als hätte sich ein riesiges Tor geöffnet.

Ich habe meine Schönheit entdeckt und die Liebe zu mir selber.

Es ist wie ein Wunder.“


„Dank Kathleen’s Unterstützung lebe ich heute meinen Traum. In der Schulzeit war ich bei Aufführungen nur hinter der Bühne zu finden, hatte Angst, mich zu zeigen. Heute bin Ich Vertreterin für Gluten- und Laktosefreie Küche, koche und präsentiere für meine Gäste mit Freude und Begeisterung.“


„Ich dachte schon, die Schmerzen in meinen Armen würden mich bis ans Lebensende begleiten. Doch nach der ersten Kinesiologie Sitzung mit Kathleen waren sie verschwunden.

Wie wunderbar!“


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