Hi, my name is Kathleen.

Kinesiology & Smart Life Coach.



I live in Switzerland & on Ibiza.

I love the power of the Swiss mountains ...



... the beauty of our meadows and flowers ...



... and the shades of blue in the sea.





My mantra? Make every day Your Smart Day!

My old way of living

My son was six and my daughter completed her first birthday when my life turned upside down. At the time I was a lecturer for French literature. I had finished my diploma in Kinesiology when new structure for French classes made me take the decision to be an entrepreneur. Big change from a secure world with regular payment check into an unpredictable future. Simultaneously my marriage broke apart. I found an apartment for me and the kids, big enough to start my new business for Kinesiology practice.

Being entrepreneur, single mom and without resources was a permanent challenge for me. I gave my best under huge pressure, living with the every day fear of not getting enough clients, not being able to meet everybody’s needs. I was constantly searching for tools that made my life easier and reinforce my health system. I made myself an expert for stress release and survival training. But the challenge was too big, my immune system weakened and the energy crashed. My daily routine was destroyed by an unavoidable burnout.


Time to relax was scarce and without resources my system was caught in continuous danger mode. This opened the door for a second burnout, my last chance before final break down. Change your lifestyle – take a break! it would say. I was in panic, not being able to find the how? In July 2011 I was ready for the turning point. My kids were in Italy with their father, my clients on holidays, no friends around. I registered for a training at Sage University – Family Systems – booked my hotel and a flight to Ibiza. When I saw Ibiza island from the plane’s window, the dark blue see with the tiny boats on the white ocean foam, I was crying of joy. A deep sensation of Coming home – this is where I belong would finally free my soul. In the training I learned to laugh again, rediscovered my female identity and my joy. I was free and alive! The memory of who I really was came back to me and it was stronger then my limited mind, trying to make me forget about my true nature. From now on I knew: This is my New Way of Living!

My new way of living

During the passed five years I travelled between Switzerland and Ibiza. I could hardly get enough of the trainings and my new life on the island. I was part of a new world, felt a new identity within myself and I wanted to live on Ibiza. My connection with an appreciating and supportive team gave me the power to take risks and change my life. I had found my second family. Step by step my vitality grew. I felt this deep trust in my power. Knowing about who I really was and where I wanted to go, made me take the decision of getting my own apartment on Ibiza. Today I am an expert for Kinesiology treatment and Smart Life Trainings. I  got my apartment on Ibiza in 2013. The island is my second home and big energy source for my body, heart and soul.

More about me
  • 1983 Lic. Phil.I Universität Zurich (F/I/E)
  • High school teacher in Wetzikon/ Wiedikon
  • 1988-91 Training and diploma for Kinesiology Therapist (IKAMED Zurich)
  • Instructor for Brain Gym and Touch for Health
  • Licght- & Cristal Therapie after P. Mandel
  • 1992 – 2016 My Kinesiology office in Urdorf
  • 2011-16 Coaching from the Heart Sage University Ibiza
  • 2014 My book: ShoeBeDu – Storytelling from the Heart
  • Y am learning every day with my clients

What’s your dream?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Design an amazing life

Would you like to change your life but you don’t know how? Let’s design your future, following your dreams, your needs and your talents. Book your flight to Switzerland or Ibiza and jump into the unknown! I would love to be your guide.

+41 44 734 19 26


 +41 44 734 19 26

+41 76 588 50 56

Dorfstrasse 21

8902 Urdorf


+34 630 428 967

Santa Eulalia del Rio

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Kinesiologie & Smart Life Training

Kinesiologie & Smart Life Training

Dorfstrasse 21

8902 Urdorf

This is the place to be.

I see you, I hear you and I appreciate you.

Quality time just for you – time to relax.

Your body is the expert for your wishes and your needs.

Learn to understand your body’s language. The perfect guide to your new way of living.





Kathleen De Siena

+ 41 44 734 19 26

+ 41 76 588 50 56

Dorfstrasse 21 – 8902 Urdorf